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Active Carbon

By Active Carbon, we mean carbon that has a high level of porosity and, therefore, excellent retention properties.

Through these pores, we can verify absorption – a phenomenon whereby a solid attaches another substance to its own surface. On passing across the carbon, the odour present in the air is retained in the pores of the carbon, thus deodorising the air.

Naturally, when the carbon is saturated, it has to be replaced. Active carbon is used to deodorise environments and to purify toxic gases. Figeva’s active carbon is supplied in extruded pellets, or in powder form, in 10 or 25kg bags.

Cabot CorporationCabot Corporation (NYSE: CBT) is a world leader in specialty chemicals and high performance materials based in Boston USA.

Their businesses provide a wide range of products and solutions to customers in every corner of the world, serving key sectors such as transportation, infrastructure, the environment and consumers. We deliver high-performance solutions that solve the challenges of today’s customers, preparing them to meet the needs of tomorrow. Their commitment to innovation is driven by a passion to advance clients’ businesses through deep understanding of their industries and global trends impacting their operations.

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