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Fibreglass bag filters

Our fibreglass bag filters perform a wide array of functions and are used in numerous civil and industrial contexts.

They are mid- and high-efficiency units with very low load loss, keeping the electrical consumption of the fans to a minimum. The filtering media – constituted by a non-woven fibreglass fabric, with a graduated structure, reinforced by a layer of polyester – is applied onto a galvanised sheet-steel frame. The filtering sectors feature parallel, longitudinal stitching for added strength. These filters are used in ventilation and conditioning systems to separate fine dust and aerosols, and as pre-filtration for absolute filters. They have a high dust-accumulation capacity and a long operating life.

Our fibreglass bag filters are a stock item and are available in the following standard dimensions:
592x287x535, 592x490x535, 592x592x535.

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