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Cartidge Air Filters

Our Cartidge Air Filters are made using heat-bonded non-woven fabric in pure polyester or polypropylene fibres and in cellulose.

These materials stand out in several ways: they have very smooth and compact surfaces, which facilitate the detachment of the pollutant during cleaning; they have extremely high mechanical resistance coupled with excellent elasticity; they are resistant to high temperatures and chemical agents; they are highly durable; and they have a percentage release of just 0.1% for dust measuring from 0.2 to 2 microns.
Our extensive array of cartridge air filters includes cartridges for abrasive, explosive, heavy, corrosive, toxic, volatile and other types of dust. The products range in diameter from 100 mm to 660 mm and are available in lengths of up to 2000 mm, with very high filtering surfaces.
Each filtering element can be made using different flanges, of which we offer more than 100 models.

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