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Filters for coating booths

Our FILTRINA and PAINT STOP filtering media fall within the category of products for coating, which includes all of the accessories, EXHAUST AND ASPIRATION FILTERS for coating booths: bag filters, filtering sleeves, cells for the collection of coatings and Andreae filters.

Our PAINT-COLLECTION CARD CELLS are composed of various layers of synthetic fibres and fibreglass sealed in a punched card or plastic frame. Their low cost is such that they can be used when regenerative filters would be too expensive and, thus, impractical. It is not advisable to use these cells in damp environments.
Our ANDREAE FILTER, for dry booths, is composed of two walls of perforated, corrugated card, glued at the edges, and the baffle thus produced transformed it into the best inertial separation filter. Thanks to the advantages of separation by inertia, the filter effectively captures the particles produced during the pulverisation of coatings, glues, resins, tar, oil, fats and liquids for food use.
The standard format of the filters for coating booths is 90 X 924 cm.

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