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Filter cartridges for liquids

Our wirewound filter cartridges for liquids are produced by winding various wires around a perforated body that gives the filtering element rigidity.

These filters, with their characteristic honeycomb appearance, are pre-tensioned in order to achieve decreasing levels of filtration. This structure results in the formation of numerous interspaces and grooves of ever-decreasing size, allowing for impressive contaminant accumulation performance, with good, even quality of the filtered liquids. The technical properties are dependent on the quality of the yarn, the consistency of the torsion and the uniformity of the winding. We can supply cartridges with cotton and polypropylene yarn in the standard formats from 10 to 40 inches, with a nominal retention capacity of between 1 and 100 microns.
Our polyfibre cartridges are depth filters offering absolute filtration, which guarantee high performance thanks to the rigorously controlled production process.
They are made using polypropylene fibres that are heat-bonded to minimise the release of fibre and the discharge of contaminants, with progressively increasing density as you move towards the inside of the cartridge.
They are constructed over a heat-sealed polypropylene body, onto which the attachments are applied directly to ensure greater robustness. They are used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and cosmetics sectors, in electroplating and in water-treatment.

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