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Rigid-bag filters

Our rigid-bag filters are composed of a plastic, high-resistance, shock-proof frame that supports water-repellent, fire-retardant, micro-fibreglass filtering media, densely folded and separated with continuous thermoplastic spacers.

This type of filter has a high level of filtration efficiency, excellent capacity for dust accumulation and great sturdiness of construction. Depending on the levels of efficiency, these filters can be used in ventilation and conditioning systems to separate fine dust, for pre-filtration and main filtration in heavy-flow systems, for high-efficiency filtration in critical applications, and for the removal of fumes and pollen from the air. At the end of their operating life, these filters must be replaced. They are totally incinerable, and so have a low level of environmental impact.

Our rigid bag filters are a stock item and are available in the warehouse in the following standard dimensions: 592x287x292, 592x490x292, 592x592x292.

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