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Filter Press Cloths

We offer a very wide range of Filter Press Cloths. These cloths are constituted by a series of fabrics made using the following yarns: flock, filament-yarn and single-filament.

The type of weave between the threads of the warp and weft, together with the nature of the yarn used, exert a considerable influence over the filterability of the fabric. Our range is sub-divided into cloths for traditional filters, double cloths with collars for automatic filter presses with dimensions of up to 2000 mm, cloths for membrane plates, cloths with strengthening trims and special backing, and drainage under-cloths.
Our cloths for filter presses are the ideal solution to myriad different requirements, thanks to their mechanical resistance to aggressive chemical agents and to extreme temperatures, excellent filtering capacity and non-adhesive surface effect. They are used mostly in industrial processes and in eco-friendly systems.

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